Federal Land Use - Our Public Lands

Federal Land Use Lesson Plan


Students will know and understand:

  • The definition and application of terms related to Natural Resource Management
  • The complex issue of determining the best use for our public natural resources and lands
  • How National Parks and National Monuments are created and how they differ
  • How to research information about Natural Resources, National Parks and National Monuments

Essential Questions:

  • What is the best possible use for Federal Land? What should be allowed and what should not be allowed?
  • What group has the most to gain or lose by the designation of a new national monument?
  • Should ranching, logging, hunting, etc continue to be allowed on land that was once BLM or Forest Service and is now a National Monument?
  • Should Presidents be able to designate or shrink National Monuments? Why or why not?
  • What laws or practices are in place for the protection of Federal Properties?
This lesson plan includes multiple activities, including a video comparison, debate, game design, and critical thinking analysis. A list of terms and optional project extensions are also included.

Download this lesson plan.

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