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Food Banks: Help take a bite out of hunger

Whether it is a very large city or a tiny village, individuals no matter where they come from geography wise struggle to be able to make ends meet and purchase all of the consumable products they may need. Food insecurity affects every community differently but some more than others. In the communities that are highly affected by food insecurity those communities tend to respond with a problem solving approach and create additional opportunities for food availability to those who cannot afford food.

This project will highlight the issue of food insecurity, how some local community groups have stepped up to solve this problem and the journey the food takes from being donated by an organization/farmer to where a local community member picks it up free of charge to consume. 

The goals of this project are to show major things that impact food insecurity, will highlight the pathway food has to come from being donated and will provide a resource for those who would like to be involved in their community to help provide more food for their community members to have. This set of curriculum is just the resource that will tell the who, what, when and why of a food bank food item journey from the donor to those who receive them. 

Lindsey Garner

Lindsey Garner

Lindsey Garner completed a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in Environmental Studies and Agriscience in 2015 and then completed a Master of Arts Degree from Michigan State University in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education in 2020.

Lindsey started her journey as an agriculture, food and natural resource teacher in Michigan in 2016. She currently teaches at an urban career and technical center where she sees the impact of food inequity everyday with her own students and wanted to develop teaching resources for those who wondered where all of their donated foods came from to help raise awareness of those who go hungry.

Participant School & Location:
Saginaw Public Schools, Saginaw Career Complex, Saginaw, Michigan

Below is an interactive presentation on food banks. You can click through, read slides and learn about the food crisis in America and the role of food banks.